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A Night with Tricia Gunn


Friday, June 29, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

We are so excited to welcome my dear friend, Tricia Gunn! Tricia will be ministering the love and grace of God at our meeting. Invite a friend and come and join us. Men and women welcome! Tricia's bio: Tricia Gunn is the Founder of Parresia and the author of the book, Unveiling Jesus. Involved in ministry for over two decades, Tricia Gunn has always had a passion to see God's beloved children healed and delivered — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She has had the honor of touching many people through writing curriculums on spiritual freedom and prayer as well as leading conferences in which thousands have participated. She has enjoyed the privilege of a front-row seat to witness the Lord's miraculous power to transform countless lives for His glory. Today she teaches at conferences and Bible studies and writes about the extravagant love of the Father, the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit.

2017 was a busy year for Tricia as she shared the Gospel of grace at home and abroad. She taught several series, including "Beholding Jesus in the Tabernacle" and "Faith To Move My Mountains." She hosted the conference "Will the Real Gospel Please Stand up?" For more on all of her teachings, go to the "messages" link in the menu bar. Tricia enjoyed speaking at many conferences including the 2017 Grace Life Conference with Creflo Dollar and Andrew Womack and several Women of Grace Conferences with Connie Witter.

Tricia launched a new TV talk show on March 16, 2018, called "A Real View of the Grace Life" where women discuss how the amazing grace of Jesus has radically changed their lives. She is also excited about launching a new video series and book on our freedom in Christ called "I Am Free Because of Jesus." She will also be developing a project for millennials entitled "I Am" which will focus on our identity in Christ. Tricia is supported locally in Birmingham through her partnership with Life of Faith Church and is an ordained minister through Grace Church in Orlando, FL. She is the wife of Mark and the mother of 5 wonderful children: Martha Ellen, Ann Claire, Frances, Elizabeth, and Neil. Tricia and her family reside in Birmingham, Alabama.

Event Location

The Hope Center • 530 E. Boughton Road • Bolingbrook, IL 60440 •

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