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A Night with Rick Manis - Grace Minister


Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Guest Speaker Rick Manis - Join us at 7:00 PM to be encouraged by Rick's understanding of the Grace God so freely offers us.

Rick Manis is a spiritual encourager, author and speaker, imparting the revelation of the unconditional love and grace of God to individuals and groups around the world. He has written four books and developed a curriculum that leads people to live a life of Heaven on Earth. Rick surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 1979 after living a life of self-destruction and addiction. He had an immediate awareness of God's love for him and his unhealthy lifestyle quickly transformed into a life beyond his wildest imaginings. He witnessed miracles first hand of healing, provision, and new life both in himself and in others around him.

Rick attended Rhema Bible College from 1983-84 and became an associate pastor in Oklahoma. He then moved to Titusville, Florida to start his own church, Free Indeed Ministries. Rick and his wife, Teresa, did not know anyone in Titusville so they put an ad in the local newspaper and opened their church in a small storefront in the downtown area. No one came to the first three services. Nevertheless, Rick preached in faith each week to an empty room. During the fourth service two elderly ladies showed up and they began growing as a church. Rick and Teresa visited several local neighborhoods and got to know people, met needs, and invited them to church. The church grew and flourished over the next several years, hosting many community outreaches, leading thousands to the Lord, purchasing a beautiful church building, and ultimately becoming a diverse body of Christ committed to transforming lives for good.

In 2013 Rick lost his first wife to cancer and came to a turning point in his ministry. Rick has a charismatic background and has ministered in many gifts, operating as a pastor, prophet, and faith healer. When Teresa died, Rick turned to his Father for direction. The Lord said, "Get up, Son" and gave Rick a message to preach the following Sunday about Resurrection. It is a revelation that moved him forward into a life of the unknown alongside a Father he did know and trusted implicitly (see the full story in his book, Resurrection! Trusting a God I Knew With a Future I Didn't).

Rick met Judi online and they became fast friends. They found they had many things in common: a self-destructive lifestyle prior to salvation, a metamorphosis at salvation, the sidetrack of legalistic religion, and ultimately a life-changing revelation of grace. Their spiritual journeys had many similarities. After a month, they decided to meet in person, fell in love and married shortly thereafter. Learn more at

Event Location

The Hope Center • 530 E. Boughton Road • Bolingbrook, IL 60440 •

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