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"Nichole Marbach Ministries will reveal the Father's unconditional love and acceptance of you through Scriptural based grace teachings, love letter books, cd's, and Nichole's very own extraordinary path into wholeness. This ministry has helped me truly realize that God is a good Father and that I am His beloved daughter. These truths have provided a real transformation in my life. Every speaker at Nichole's monthly Grace Immersion Meetings and/or conferences will take you further on your journey to freedom in Christ."

Susan Davis

Partner of Nichole Marbach Ministries

Lombard, IL



"I was so blessed hearing Nichole minister at my church. I suffered verbal, physical, and sexual abuse as a child and it left me feeling defective and thinking I was truly unloveable. I hungered for real love but believed I did not deserve it. I also believed that others did not love me and they just wanted to use me for their own gain. I did not feel deserving of God's unconditional love as a result of feeling so defective.
Nichole's testimony opened my heart to believe that I would receive healing for those wounds. I got her book, Love Notes to My Beloved, and it has changed my heart from feeling defective and unrighteous to feeling healed and loved by God. Hearing God's love for me in this book is healing my soul and bringing me closer to my Heavenly Daddy, closer than I could ever fathom. Hearing God's words of love for me expressed in written form and through the Scriptures has given me a better understanding of my sweet, loving Father.
Thank you Nichole for your willingness to share your story and bless us all with healing freedom through our amazing God.
Teresa Turner
Pearl City, Illinois
"I met Nichole at Charis Bible College Chicago. During the school year, we had a teacher that was talking about abandonment. I had been dealing with control issues for a long time as well as the fear of abandonment for years. That same day, Nichole and I ended up walking down the hall together on our way to the break room. As we walked, I shared with her about my struggle with abandonment, even though I had been a Christian for many years. By the time we reached the break room, Nichole said to me, "Well, let's just take care of that right now." She laid her hands on my shoulders and prayed for me right then and there. After she prayed for me, she said, "I have something for you. I will be right back." When she came back, she gave me a copy of her devotional book, Love Notes to My Beloved and told me she felt that I was the reason she brought it to class that day. The Lord told her to bring it that day, but she did not know why. She opened the book to page 18 and this is what was written: You Are Safe With Me
'My precious daughter, in Me, you have found your safest place. When you became born again, you found your eternal home. You found a home that is safe, loving, nurturing, peaceful, and joyful, instead of chaotic and dysfunctional. Rest in My love for you. Rest in knowing you "are home now" in Me. Rest in knowing you have a Father who adores you and enjoys spending time with you. Rest in knowing you are right with Me. Rest in knowing you are FREE! Rest in knowing you don't have to worry about ever being rejected from your safe place. That will never happen. You are safe with Me. Let me heal all the wounds of when you felt afraid and you didn't feel safe. Let Me replace them with the truth that all is well and that you are at peace and at home in Me. You are safe now, My beloved!'
When I read those words, I could hear the Father's voice speaking directly to me in my ear and I could literally feel His loving arms wrapping tightly around me and hugging me as I continued to read. I wept. I was set free from the fear of abandonment that very day and I will never forget what happened. I had spent most of my childhood, teen years, and adult years living in constant fear of abandonment until that day. I constantly felt unsafe, insecure, and afraid because of many negative experiences I had been subjected to in my past, but now I am free!
I am reading through Love Notes to My Beloved for the third time. I have given the books to family members, friends, and co-workers. I have read pages of the book to people in need over the phone and I have ministered from it to some of the women detainees in Cook County Jail. Everyone I have shared the book with has told me how much it has blessed them. I know in a deeper way that I am so loved by my Heavenly Daddy through the revelation that Nichole shares in this book.
Thomesa Hutcherson
Chicago, Illinois


"I would like to thank Nichole for her words, which are words from our Daddy God!!! Nichole has helped me through many things in my life with her books and Facebook posts, that seemed so impossible to break free from. Shortly after becoming born again, I got into a group that made everything full of legalism to the point that they believed in a works based salvation. This group was so legalistic that they believed that going to the doctor was a sin and we even had to watch what clothes we would wear. 
I thank you Nichole for your words that are freeing me day by day from this legalistic group! I am becoming closer and closer with Jesus and am thankful for what He has done for me. I am grateful that He had me in mind when He went to the cross. I am grateful that I am a daughter of God and that Jesus lives in me! Thank you again, and may your words continue to help people like me who need redirection from our past lies!"
Marie Kerber
Poultney, Vermont


"I found Nichole's ministry through Facebook after seeing a video of her testimony on a mutual friend's wall. Although I had been a Christian for the majority of my life and God had delivered me from many things, I see now that, at the time I first heard of Nichole, there was still a big empty, unhealed part of my heart I wasn't aware of that remained unhealed because I did not know and could not understand (or receive) the depth and width of the unconditional love and grace Our Father has for His children. I didn't understand that the image I was carrying of God in my head was in so many ways erroneous and limited and tainted by my experiences with parental and authority figures growing up. 


Afriend of mine recommended I read "Love Notes to my Beloved", which by now I just knew I HAD to read. After reading it, I really believe finding out about Nichole's book was a God-sent blessing in this season of my life. "Love Notes to My Beloved" is an easy to read beautiful devotional book written in the Father's voice speaking directly from His heart of love. The mercy and grace in every word of this book will flow like a healing balm straight into your wounded heart. To be honest, some days it was difficult to go through as it touched on old battle scars I had forgotten were there, but slowly I felt layers of anxiety and fear melt away as I went through the real experience that is found in reading this book.


As the Father's love began to be revealed to me, sometimes in startlingly specific ways, fear and anxiety lifted and I began to feel a lightness and sense of security I had never felt before and began to open up my hands to release lifetime burdens I had been holding onto to receive, in their place, a greater revelation of God's steadfast love and peace. Fear and self-condemnation began to be replaced by security in the Father's love and as this simple but fundamental revelation began to transform me, my whole world began to change too. I began to sleep better and be less anxious. The stress I felt in social situations began to lift and dissolve and a greater peace and calmness invaded my every day life. I will admit that I still have a ways to go, but as I begin to understand and receive God's love more fully, I have also received more hope to continue my journey towards wholeness and wings to believe that there is so much more than I had ever dreamed before as described in God's Word. I believe we all have our own trials we go through and no matter how different our stories are, we all greatly benefit from greater intimacy with our Father and increased knowledge of His Heart for us, as He is the source of all good things. So, no matter what you have been through, whether your story is like mine or Nichole's or not, you will be touched, inspired and empowered by the transforming and healing Love of the Father revealed through His conversations with us captured in this book Love Notes to My Beloved by Nichole Marbach.

Linda Vista, CA



"I had 122 Love Letters from the Throne of Grace gifted to me by a friend. What a journey I was in for! This book is so much more than a devotional; it is a spiritual and emotional experience like none other. Some days were difficult to get through, but with the Father's love becoming even more evident to me through the pages of this book, He helped me to face heartaches, shame, and guilt that I had bottled up for a long time. Years of self-condemnation and performance addiction allowed strongholds to be rooted in my heart causing me to suffer insomnia and panic attacks. Relationships were often strained and I usually felt lonely, hurt, angry, and disappointed. Nichole's composition of this book is certainly by Divine design! The Scriptures, the prayer time the journaling and instructions for each day helped break down walls. I literally physically felt the roots of condemnation being pulled from my heart. Although some of the days were painful, I am happy to say I have been set free! I have learned to value myself and let myself be loved. I feel a renewed hope! Fear no longer has a grip on me. I am able to sleep at night and relationships are being restored! Nichole Marbach easily shares the love and grace of our Heavenly Father through the finished works of Jesus. She truly understands the power of God's transforming love."


Nikki Bass

Everett, PA



"I would like to share from my heart how much Nichole's books mean to me. I'm not going to mention any of the titles of the books because I think people should have all of them! They are so anointed and straight from the mouth and the heart of God. They are all done in a spirit of love and adoration. After reading Nichole's books, it is impossible to come away without knowing and experiencing how Heavenly Father feels about me. As I read and meditate on the page I'm on, I'm being washed in the water of the Word, my soul is soothed and peace permeates my entire being. I know I'm safe in my Father's big, loving arms. Here's the most important thing that I come away with.... A greater revelation of who the Father is! I love this! This is what I am all about....knowing Him and I receive it on every page. What a blessing! Thank you for being obedient to the Father's heart. Keep writing! Bless you dear Sister!"

Kristine King-Zukoski

Buffalo Grove, IL


"I first heard about Nichole's testimony at the "Healing is Here Conference" through Andrew Wommack Ministries back in August and after being in the mental health hospital myself, I came home and looked Nichole up online and found her newest book. I knew I had to get it and couldn't wait to get it. I finally found someone who understands emotional healing from the depths and beyond.


There is one day in particular I was cleaning my apartment and I told the Lord that I missed having a home I can decorate. Restoration Hardware, at the time I had a home, was one of my favorite stores and I also told the Lord I missed that too. I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. I heard the Holy Spirit say to me "I'm in the restoration business." WOW!…..I did not know what to expect so I got on Bible Gateway and typed in the word "restore". There were 66 verses that came up. I have a small teaching on that now. However, what happened after that was this…..It was a Sunday morning and I was using Nichole's book "Love Notes to My Beloved" as my devotional and I happened to flip to page 33 which is titled "I Love to Restore Relationships." WOW again!!! I was able to get up in church that Sunday morning and share this with the people there as well as my short message and read Day 33 to the congregation. There were a lot of tears including my own.


God is in the Restoration Business! Since that moment, I have been getting a revelation of His love. Nichole's book, Love Notes to My Beloved is continuing to help me to discover God's love for me in a deeper way. I know tht I am accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6) and I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine. (Song of Songs 6:3)


I thank Nichole for being open and transparent with her story and books."


Tracy S.

Woodland Park, Co



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